Midwest 5 Opportunity






Midwest Portfolio 5





Our newest offering, Midwest Portfolio 5, is a mix of multifamily and hard money opportunities to further improve returns. With locations in Sioux Falls, SD and Lincoln, NE, Leavenwealth once again has built a value add portfolio in stable markets.

Stabilize and Repair

Value add opportunities around facilities, finishes, and billbacks

Market Rents

Increase units to comparable market rates


Refinance of all properties by end of year 7 for capital return

Lincoln, NE

67 Multifamily Units


Sioux Falls, SD

56 Townhomes

Manhattan, KS

22 Multifamily Units

10% Note

Affiliated hard money business

Offering Summary

*Figure portrays hypothetical pre-tax  amount, assuming 30% tax bracket

Expected refinance years 6-8

Average Cash on Cash 7-10%*

$3.3M in projected tax write-offs

Investor Equity = $7M


Preferred Return = 7%

Offering Webinar

Midwest Portfolio 5, our newest offering is a fund you can invest in with confidence. The Leavenwealth team is comprised of experienced investors with proven success within the multifamily space. Click the video to review the webinar for this portfolio.