Investing in multifamily and cash flowing assets gives investors the opportunity to maximize profit while minimizing their risk

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Cash Flow

Receive passive distributions on a quarterly basis

Equity Down Icon

Equity Paid Down by Tenant

Your equity in the property increases through resident payments

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Organic and Forced Appreciation

Property values increase through natural appreciation and asset optimization

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Tax Breaks

There are several tax benefits through real estate investing

Investment Strategy

We target A, B, and C Class properties from 20 to 300 units. We focus on this quantity of units because 20 units are too large for most small investors and 300 units is too small for institutional investors, thus allowing for less competition.

Acquisition Criteria

Provide Cash Flow

We purchase properties that earn predictable income

Value Creation

Underperforming properties with opportunity for value creation

Asset Location

Midwest properties with proven market cycle stability

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Investment Outcomes

LeavenWealth’s investment approach targets cash-flowing assets with the ability to recapture 100% of the initial investment for continued passive income and generational wealth building.

Affiliated businesses

The owners of LeavenWealth are seasoned business owners and have ownership in several companies.

Build passive income

Earn financial freedom through multifamily real estate investing

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